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Sherri Murray

Sherri Murray

As Program Specialist, Sherri Murray is responsible for children's programs, strengthening the regional council, building a support base and establishing relationships with the churches in the Pittsburgh Region.

Sherri has committed her life to this work and brings a deep background to the position having served as Director of Children’s Ministries and Youth for churches in Huntingdon Beach CA, Pittsburgh PA and Pleasant Hills PA in addition to two different stints as Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship in western PA over a nine year period.

"I would really like to help churches grow in their outreach to children outside of the walls of their church." As a mother of two daughters, Sherri declares, "I have always loved children and became persuaded that the younger someone comes to Christ the more of their life they have to live for Christ and enjoy the richness of a relationship with him."

Contact Sherri

Phone: 412-926-7996
Email: contact Sherri


Nancy Lee Cochran

Nancy Lee Cochran

Nancy Lee Cochran is the Fund Development Director for Scripture Union in the Pittsburgh region. Nancy Lee passionately is a follower of Jesus Christ. Pleasing God is her desire. She also has a passion for serving the poor and vulnerable in American and throughout the world.

Nancy Lee has more than 40 years of experience in fund-raising, friend-raising, teaching and public relations for churches and Christ-centered non-profit agencies. She is grateful for the opportunities through Scripture Union of being part of a worldwide movement for God, helping adults and children to be more engaged in reading, studying and applying God's Word. As a mother of two and a grandmother of four, she understands the need to invest in children and is particularly excited about Scripture Union's commitment to reaching at risk children for Christ.

Contact Nancy

Phone: 412-463-8380
Email: contact Nancy Lee Cochran


SU Partners for the Pittsburgh Region

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Scripture Union is building a new and special group of people – SU Partners- who will pray regularly and give monthly to expand the work of Scripture Union in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area.

The effectiveness of launching and developing Scripture Union’s ministry work depends on people who earnestly pray for adults and churches who need to come alive to God’s Word, for children outside the orbit of the church who need to hear the Good News, and people who faithfully contribute $25, $50, or even $100 every month to help SU reach out with God’s Word. That's what SU Partners is all about. I invite you to join SU Partners – Pittsburgh.

Help us begin to make a difference in Pittsburgh through the unique ministry blend God has called us to. To do so, simply fill out the online donation form below or click, print, and send the form for electronic funds transfer which makes giving easy. Both options save Scripture Union administrative expense and puts more dollars straight towards ministry!

SU Partners

You Receive Special Benefits

As an SU Partner you'll receive a number of valuable benefits including:

  • Free Automatic SU Membership Renewal
  • Free SU Partners Journal (Italian Faux Leather)
  • Free Extra Bible Guides for Sharing with Others
  • Free First Edition Devotional Resources
  • Free Monthly Prayer Letter
  • Discount price for the annual Encounter with God Weekend

Get Started!

Just enter a monthly amount below or print out the Electronic Funds Transfer form (EFT form) and mail to us to get started. | Print out EFT form.

If you would prefer to pay by check; please print this form and enclose a check made payable to:

Scripture Union USA
P.O. Box 215
Valley Forge, PA 19481.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Note: All credit card contributions will be charged every 30 days. The description of the charge will appear clearly as "Scripture Union" on your statement.

I want to help the Scripture Union in the Pittsburgh Region in its mission to bring people to God. Each month please charge my credit card:


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