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Get Journey to Bethlehem Advent Bible Guide Here
He Wants to Meet You To make Advent a special time with the Lord this year, spend some time with Him. With "The Essential Journey to Bethlehem" you'll read God's promises of a Savior and how he kept that promise on Christmas Day. In just a few minutes each day, meet with God in his Word and let him prepare your heart to celebrate the Savior's birth. While the coffee brews, before eating your...
Help us reach children this summer!
SuperKids are near you!
You don't have to travel far to spread the Good News about Jesus. There are children in your own community who have never heard of the love of Jesus. Learn more about how to visit, volunteer or donate to a SuperKids program near you this
Take The Essential Journey to Bethlehem This Advent Season
Get it free at our website, through a daily email, on Twitter, or even on Facebook! The season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is often a very busy and stressful time, filled with shopping and preparing for celebrations with family and friends. It’s easy to forget or neglect to take time to focus on the “reason for the season”: the birth of the Savior. That’s why Scripture Union is offering...
Join the World's Largest Bible Study
World's Largest Bible Study
The massive growth of social media has changed the way the world interacts. 152 million Americans are  active users of Facebook every day. And yet, the Bible remains absolutely essential to communicating God's love and care to people who face enormous issues with relationships, finances, depression and addictions despite all of the "technological connections." Invite a friend or loved...
Double Your Dollars For the Cause of Christ
The children's outreach ministry of Scripture Union has been given a generous challenge grant of $50,000. The more you give, the more the South Central Region (SCR)  will receive to reach out and touch more lives than ever before.  The following gifts to Scripture Union will be matched dollar for dollar... ~Gifts from first-time donors~Gifts from previous...
SU Launches World's Largest Bible Study
SU launched "World's Largest Bible Study" Facebook page on January 1 as a brand new ministry within SU’s Bible Engagement Strategy for Facebook and social media.Twice a day, a Scripture passage, accompanying commentary and prayers, adapted from the E100, are posted on the page. Visitors to the page are invited to Pray with us, Read the commentary, and add their own comments on the page. Already,...
SU Launches New App!
SU is reaching more people than ever with God’s Word through exciting online programs. In January, SU introduced the World’s Largest Bible Study Facebook page. Twice daily posts of prayers, Bible passages, and a reflection and application has reached millions of unique viewers. In July, SU launched Guardians of Ancora, a world-class tablet game for 8- to 11-year-olds. It offers an amazing virtual...
Scripture Union Annual Report
We praise God for the productive year 2013-2014 has been. Programs are up and SU has ended the year in the black, despite many staff transitions and unanticipated challenges to our budget. The report tells the story of how SuperKids and PrimeTime reach thousands of at-risk children and of how SU’s regional expansion enabled people of all ages, all over the country to "meet...


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