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SU Members Invited to Pray on First Tuesday of Each Month

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SU members are invited to join together to pray for the needs and ministry of Scripture Union on the first Tuesday of each month. SU President Whitney T. Kuniholm explained First Tuesday this way. "First Tuesday is an invitation for all members to make the first Tuesday of each month a day of prayer and perhaps even fasting--for God's direction, for loved ones, for the church, for the world and for the ministry of Scripture Union. We believe God wants us to seek him, to listen for his voice and to follow his ways. That's what First Tuesday is all about."

Latest Prayer Requests

Each month, the prayer requests from SU staff are posted here on the First Tuesday section of the SU website for members and friends to see and pray for. Although many SU members pray for SU daily, First Tuesday will be a special day when they can know that they’re joining other SU members in bringing the needs of the church, the world and SU before the Lord.

Prayer Requests for March 2015

We invite you to join us in prayer for SU USA...


  • Praise for recent events at the PrimeTime location at a Ridgeway Salvation Army in the Northeast Region, at which a 10 yo child didn't know what a Bible was led to all 12 students trusting Christ. Continue to pray for Sonia Dobson, who is at the doctor each day because of pinched nerves and spasms from an accident and for the invitations to potential table hosts at the April 18 luncheon.
  • Praise God that in the MidAtlantic Region, the first summer workshops are scheduled over the next two Saturdays. Pray for new locations that are opening in Philadelphia and Chester, PA.
  • Praise God that he continues to provide financially. Thank him that his timing is perfect. Pray for safety and favor for staff from the National Office who will travel at separate times during the month of March: Whitney T. Kuniholm, Mark Brown, Blaine Bergey and Kim Banta.
  • Praise that 2nd Quarter Bible guides are on their way. Pray that the ministry of the Bible guides would be effectively extended.
  • Join Pittsburgh in praying that Sherri Murray's meetings related to SuperKids programs wouldn't continue to be cancelled because of weather. Pray also for the SuperKids training that is scheduled for this month and for the April 12 fundaiser. 
  • Pray that Sonja Samuel in the South Central Region would be able to build contacts and friends of the Region one at a dinner held in a friends' home and for a leader's luncheon at which Whitney T. Kuniholm will speak.


May God be honored in all that we do.

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