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SU Members Invited to Pray on First Tuesday of Each Month

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SU members are invited to join together to pray for the needs and ministry of Scripture Union on the first Tuesday of each month. SU President Whitney T. Kuniholm explained First Tuesday this way. "First Tuesday is an invitation for all members to make the first Tuesday of each month a day of prayer and perhaps even fasting--for God's direction, for loved ones, for the church, for the world and for the ministry of Scripture Union. We believe God wants us to seek him, to listen for his voice and to follow his ways. That's what First Tuesday is all about."

Latest Prayer Requests

Each month, the prayer requests from SU staff are posted here on the First Tuesday section of the SU website for members and friends to see and pray for. Although many SU members pray for SU daily, First Tuesday will be a special day when they can know that they’re joining other SU members in bringing the needs of the church, the world and SU before the Lord.

SU Prayer Requests for February 2015

Thank you for joining us to lift up praise and requests to the Lord for the month of February! Although summer hasn't even started yet, discussions are focused on SuperKids participants and locations are on everyone's mind at SU. Likewise, our Facebook outreaches through Bible study, encouragement and prayer.

Pray for safe travel and effective meeting time for Board members at the Quarterly Board Meeting on Friday and Saturday, February 6 & 7.

Pray for Leadership Team meeting for a full day prior to the Board Meeting, sharing ministry responsibility and seeking God for vision, Thursday February 5.

Pray for Northeast Regional Manager Sonia Dobson to recover from a shoulder injury and that greater church involvement and interconnected would be developed with the Superkids participants after a mission week.

Pray for Lisa Williams and the MidAtlantic Region as trainings get underway for a new PrimeTime location this spring and for effective plans to build the Regional Council.

Praise for the productive meetings being held towards developing PrimeTimes and SuperKids by Sherri Murray, Program Specialist for Pittsburgh.

Pray for Nancy Cochran and the Pittsburgh Region’s developing plans for the annual fundraising dinner, April 12, that their goal to raise 20 table hosts would be met.


Pray for Sonja Samuel in the development of outreach teams for summer SuperKids in the South Central Region.


Praise for 1.5 million people reached so far with World’s Largest Bible Study Facebook page. Pray for the effective development of World’s Largest Prayer Group and I Need Jesus Facebook pages by Mark Brown and Ryan Cox, Social Media Manager.

Praise for development of grant writing support in the Southeast Region and pray for Michael Staples as he develops potential SuperKids locations. 

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