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SU Members Invited to Pray on First Tuesday of Each Month

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SU members are invited to join together to pray for the needs and ministry of Scripture Union on the first Tuesday of each month. SU President Whitney T. Kuniholm explained First Tuesday this way. "First Tuesday is an invitation for all members to make the first Tuesday of each month a day of prayer and perhaps even fasting--for God's direction, for loved ones, for the church, for the world and for the ministry of Scripture Union. We believe God wants us to seek him, to listen for his voice and to follow his ways. That's what First Tuesday is all about."

Latest Prayer Requests

Each month, the prayer requests from SU staff are posted here on the First Tuesday section of the SU website for members and friends to see and pray for. Although many SU members pray for SU daily, First Tuesday will be a special day when they can know that they’re joining other SU members in bringing the needs of the church, the world and SU before the Lord.

Prayer Requests for June 2015


The staff and leadership of Scripture Union welcome your prayers for the various areas of our ministry...

 May we seek God and make him known in all that we do.

  • Pray that God's hand would be extended to the Youth of New York City through a grant to the NorthEast Region. Also pray that staff changes at the Salvation Army would not impact Super Kids. Pray for Sonia Dobson's continued recovery and praise God for his faitfulness in her recovery.
  • Pray for a few last minute trainings as well as SuperKids programs who added to the Northeast Region this first week of June. Pray for the staff as they are trying to work out program plans. 
  • Praise the Lord for Nancy Lee Cochran's ministry in Pittsburgh as she finishes her time with SU. Open many doors for her as she makes plans for her next steps.
  • Pray that the Lord would pave the way for a clubs in the Pittsburgh area. Sherri Murray is firming up plans for other SuperKids in the area, with a goal of adding 10 new clubs. Lift up the many children who need to hear about Jesus in the Pittsburgh area.
  • Praise for the 20 SuperKids clubs that are scheduled for the area for the summer and that Boys and Girls Clubs is adding 15 more SuperKids clubs in the Dallas area for 2016. Going on a medical missions trip to Jamaica with 8 youth on Friday, June 5. Meeting with the Greg Laurie group for partnership opportunities.
  • Michael Staples has Super Kids programs starting the week of June 15 in the Southeast Region. Pray for a Section 8 area who have turned down an opportunity to return with SuperKids. Pray for his speaking engagement in Flint, Michigan later this month.
  • Pray for Mark Brown as he commences his term as Interim President of SU. Praise that Whitney T. Kuniholm has been granted a sabbatical, that it would be a time of rest and refreshment.
  • Keep the matching grant in prayer that begins July 1, that we would get above and beyond what we ask.
  • Pray for unity among the many areas of SU USA, that we would seek the Lord and his plans for our work.

If you have praise or prayer requests, please join us at 

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